The PDM Shop - Blackbox, Motec, Cartek Stockists and Blink Marine

GR Motorsport Electrics are the pioneers in power distribution in Australia. Our units provide control and protection for all of the vehicle electronics eg. ECU, data logger, lighting etc. A power distribution unit is a single component that replaces the old relays, fuses and circuit breakers in to one product and is fully laptop programmable.

GR Motorsport Electrics were the first to introduce PDM units into V8 Supercars back in the 2001 project blue print cars with the IPU 16 from the UK.  These were used in the Stone Bros Falcons, GRM Commodores, Paul Morris Motorsport Commodores and PWR Commodores.  As we progressed and MoTeC  released their own units, the very high price of the original PDM 16 ($7500.00) made them no longer economical and the company became defunct .

We can design and create the unit that suits your needs and budget and stock Moristech Blackbox P14, P30 and P32 , as well as Motec PDM15, PDM30 and PDM32. We highly recommend both of theses systems.

We can help install your unit to ensure you get the most out of it or we can supply cut to fit or custom wiring looms as required.