MoTeC CDL3 TRACK LOGGING KIT W/SLM (Enabled + I/O and Logging Incl)

MoTeC CDL3 TRACK LOGGING KIT W/SLM (Enabled + I/O and Logging Incl)

$3,256.91 ea

We do not supply Motec hardware ECU, PDM or DASH outside of Victoria, Australia.You will need to contact your local dealer.

The CDL3 Track Logging Kit is a cost-effective, plug-in Dash Logger solution that offers professional level features without the need for a custom installation. The kit is quick and easy to connect, requiring no previous experience with MoTeC systems. Each component simply plugs into the professionally wired and terminated loom, which is labelled to identify the corresponding connector.

The kit is expandable and can be adapted to suit various applications.

CDL3 Track Logging Kit includes:

  • CDL3 Club Dash Logger
  • SLM-C Club Shift Light Module
  • 10 Hz GPS
  • Two buttons, pre-wired
  • Professional quality plug-in loom, terminated and labelled, with plug-in power adaptor 
  • Ethernet Cable
  • i2 Standard data analysis software

CDL3 Track Kit Options - see Accessories for more details:

  • The CDL3 will connect directly to the factory ECU of many late model vehicles using the plug-in OBD-II adaptor, providing access to important engine data.
  • Customers with MoTeC ECUs can connect to the CDL3 with our plug-in CAN or RS232 adaptors. Some other aftermarket ECUs may also connect with these looms.
  • For those wishing to expand their CDL3 Track Logging Kit, an I/O upgrade will activate inputs and outputs for greater functionality and logging potential. A pre-wired, terminated I/O Loom is available, or customers can use their own.

NOTE: A CDL3 Track Display Kit is also available, providing all of the above without data logging.