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MoTeC offer a range of high quality electronic systems suitable for all forms of motor racing. Specialising in Engine Management and Data Acquisition Systems.

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Offering four injector drivers and four ignition outputs, the MoTeC M400 is ideal for running sequential injection and multicoil ignition systems on engines up 4 cylinders, and is well suited to twin rotor applications.

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M400 overview


The M800 offers the next generation in Engine Management Systems (ECU). This system has been developed through rigorous research and practical field-testing. The M800 retains all the best features of MoTeC's previous ECUs, while offering a combination of unsurpassed power and flexibility.

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The MoTeC M600 ECUs are powerful Engine Management Systems offering sophisticated controls for today's highly evolved engines.

Featuring six injector drivers and six ignition outputs, the MoTeC M600 is intended for six cylinder engines and triple rotary applications.

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M600 overview

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