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New Range of Crimp Terminal

GRME acknowlege the reduced spaces that are continuing to hamper the neat installation of battery cables, starter cables and alternator connections.

Available in both 45 deg and 90 deg versions and covering a wide range of cable sizes, the new improved line of crimp eyelets has been developed to make your life easier.

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GRME uses and supplies a complete range of MIL 22759 wire as used in the aerospace industry. We can supply all sizes and colours in 24-18awg as well as black, red and white in 16-12awg. We can also provide a full range of screened wires for noise critical sensors.
Other colours are available in the larger gauge wiring but will be subject to an MOQ and delivery schedule. Other gauge wire is also available on request and will be subject to an MOQ and delivery schedule
Lower specification wires are available on request.

Heatshrink material and moulded parts

To complement the MIL spec wiring provided by GRME we recommend the use of Raychem DR25 heatshrink material and moulded parts. This allows the manufacturer to ensure that your looms are completely environmentally sealed against the harsh environments in today's vehicles.

Switches and Circuit Breakers

A complete range of switches, relays and circuit breakers are available from GRME. Contact us to discuss your system requirements. Our experienced staff will then be able to offer you the best solution for your application.

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